Port Lavaca: Donate and Share - Wiv Luv Water Fest with the Texas Oyster Men

Wiv Luv Water Fest with The Texas Oystermen

Wiv Luv
1408 Adams Ave, Port O’Connor, TX 77982
(214) 316-0441

” Amanda Raby here. About a year ago I moved back home from L.A. to the Texas Coast to help take care of my folks. Things have changed. The bays are in serious need of support.  The local commercial fishing industry is in extreme jeopardy and the phthalate levels in the bays are reported to be up to 13,000 times normal.  Chemical plants, refineries, plastic plants and agroindustrial pollution threatens our the health of our air, water, community and bio-diverse wetlands. In this remote region of Texas, there’s very little access to healthy organic food, sustainability education and progressive waste management programs.

Witnessing the slow ecocide of my homeland is forcing me to inspire change and solicit national support for local sustainability programs. So I formed a non-profit that inspires communities to thrive in harmony with nature through educational multi-media and performance art.  ”

Saturday, April 25th, Wiv Luv and the Texas Oyster Men drop anchor in the Lavaca Bay, Calhoun County, Texas. Trapeze and performance artists from Crash Alchemy will dance on oyster boats while world-class singers and musicians, Dixon’s ViolinAndrew Collins Graham and Raby (’tis I) serenade the bays in celebration of connectivity from the decks of the front-line oystering vessels.

The ceremony will also feature symphonic healing geometry, cymatics! And we are very excited to host the esteemed Professor Gerald Pollack who will be delivering paradigm bending lectures on the 4th phase of water!!!

Award-winning producers of the film Yakona, Paul Collins & Anlo Sepulveda will film a 10 minute documentary of the ceremony, dock party and a mycoremediation (mushroom remediation) of the bays. The following day, Sunday, April 26, we will deposit large bags of oyster mushrooms in the toxic marshlands of the Lavaca Bay to absorb mercury, oil and pesticides. 6 weeks later after the shrooms have fruited we’ll come back for the bags and share our results with our local industrial partners.

Help make this event happen by funding a donation that makes you feel really good inside. Help spread the word by becoming a campaign ambassador and sharing this campaign with your friends, loved ones or your company’s mailing list. With enough funding, we can produce an event that can’t be ignored by the nation. With national awareness we will be able to fund local sustainability education, more bioremediation programs and heart-based community action plans.

If you don’t know Rockethub, it’s awesome! This platform allows our supporters to receive goods in exchange for support.  If we don’t reach our financial goal, we get to keep what we raise and funds will go towards local sustainability education programs, mycoremediation programs and the Wiv Luv permaculture demonstration garden… in that order. Your donations will be honored in the spirit of the original mission. If we surpass our goals, funds will go towards the development of the Wiv Luv Water Shrine – a performance space made from beach trash that will provide free filtered drinking water to the community of Port O’Connor, Texas. it will be featured on the main drag and will make the community synonymous with sustainability!
After witnessing the ecocide of my homeland I realized that ultimately, we are all one. Rapid change will not come by force or blame. Inspired action in the microcosm of our hearts and communities is the fastest route to the gift world we all hope to create. The Texas coast is calling for deeper connectivity.  Calling for love. Thank you for your consideration.

With love,
Amanda Raby

P.S. Wiv Luv is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Wiv Luv must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Budget Goals – Here’s where your $$ will go first:
Filming & Diesel Gas for the Oyster Boats: $4,500
*Special Thanks to Mauricio Blanco, The Texas Oystermen and Anlo Sepulveda for their donations in time and heart thus far.

Tech and Transport: $15,500
*includes generators, sound equipment rentals, aerial rigging, insurance, trucking, etc.

Food and Lodging: $4,000
*35 participants, 2 nights 3.5 days

Booking Fees and Airfare: $8000
*includes air fare and booking fees for Atash, Dixon’s Violin, Dr. Pollack, Crash Alchemy, Audio Technicians, and Production Managers

Mushroom Bioremediation of Lavaca Bay Marshlands: $3,000
*includes testing equipment, growing compost and sandbags, Oyster Mushroom Spores, disposal of mercury materials and accommodations for the mycologist

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