City of Austin Lifeguards have a unique surprise visitor!!

What an amazing surprise City of Austin Lifeguards received today when a Yellow Cockatiel came to their Pool today for a prolonged visit!  This amazingly docile bird perched on top of all the lifeguards until one of them decided to keep him! 


Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino Tiel ~ Moonbeam Cockatiel

Family: Cacatuidae


The gorgeous Lutino Cockatiel was the second cockatiel mutation to be established, with the first being the Pied Cockatiel. Unlike the Pied however, the Lutino Cockatiel took the aviculture world by storm. It became an immediate hit because it was so like a miniature white Cockatoo with a pale yellow breast and almost white body, tail, and wings.The head and crest are a primrose yellow and both sexes have bright orange cheek patches and red eyes. This was like the story of the ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan.

   All Lutino Cockatiels are descended from one single male cockatiel. This bird was owned by a Mr. Cliff Barringer of Florida, USA. Mr. Barringer had bred 14 normal offspring from his pair of what appeared to be normal Grey Cockatiels. It was in a nest of two of these youngsters, in 1958, that he was surprised with a baby with pink eyes. It did take another two years for Mr. Barringer to mate a female lutino daughter back to the father to produce the first male lutino. Shortly after, much of Mr Barringer’s stock was purchased by Mrs. E. L. Moon, once a curator of the Florida Parrot Jungle. She subsequently named her lutino offspring ‘Moonbeams’, and from here Lutino Cockatiel’s spread throughout the world.

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