Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2016




1100 E 5TH ST., AUSTIN, TX 78702



As the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2016 gains momentum, we are poised to outpace the success of our last two shows. The tremendous swell of support shown by the motorcycling community, both locally and abroad, has turned this event into a destination for riders, enthusiasts, and fans from all over the world. Hailed by the American Motordrome Wall of Death Riders as the best in the country, our exhibition of custom builds and original artwork draws a diverse crowd ranging from the merely curious to die-hard fans.
Last year’s show featured custom motorcycles from the best builders in the business: Max Hazan, Roland Sands, Shinya Kimura, Walt Siegl, and so on. Arranged in a gallery-like setting alongside original artwork, the show celebrates the process of design and the satisfaction of creation inherent in the craft. Please join us as we seek to expose all who wander in to the rich culture of the motorcycling community.


Questions about programming, show schedule, logistics, or planning your visit can be sent to: info@thehandbuiltshow.com
For motorcycle and art submissions please send photos and a detailed description of your project to: submissions@thehandbuiltshow.com

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