PITCH BLVCK Showcase at Elysium Night Club



is a Showcase of Deathstep / Industrial / Metal / Filthy and Dark Edm

Finale Ent. and Elysium Austin presents…

Anubis – Dark Heavy Dubstep
The Akuzma – Live Electronic Metal Industrial Rock
Vexation – Live Metal Step
RedWater- Idm / Synth
Lazy K – Melalstep / Riddim
Drown The Coward – Live Metal
RAH vs Shifta (facebook.com/ShiftaBass) -Heavy Riddim
Keeko Freshh – Metalstep
PIZZA BOY – Death Step

Grandiose Performances By Texas’s Kinkiest Troupe and Austin’s #1 Rock N’ Roll GoGos, The Hell Katz

18+ to enter/21+ to drink

***#FREE BEFORE 10 PM***

$5 21+
$8 18+

705 Red River St
Austin, Texas

***#FREE #BEFORE 10 PM FOR 21+ ! AND $3 MINORS***

ONLINE TICKETS ONLINE AT : http://www.swiftickets.com/events/506149/pitch-blvck-feat-anubis-the-akuzma-i-07-15-i-18-/

Anubis –
Currently signed on Multikill Recordings with : The Maniac Agenda , Sluggo , Imperium, MineSweepa and with past releases on Acid Rain Records, Anubis is a force to be reckoned with in the bass world. Having supported acts such as Mantis , Cookie Monsta, Eptic and Zomboy,https://soundcloud.com/anubis-bass

The Akuzma –
The Akuzma is a mixture of sound ideas in metal and electronic music. From Industrial to Rock, metal, dubstep, Goth, trance, ebm and more, The Akuzma are constantly writing new material, remixing and rehearsing live shows that will be both a sonic and visual treat for those who are used to seeing the typical band. From synthesizers to guitars to percussion elements to guest musicians…The Akuzma aim to create music and a show that is uniquely their own. Having supported acts as Static-X, American Head Charge (Official), Scar The Martyr, Vampires Everywhere!, GENITORTURERS and Davey Suicide,https://soundcloud.com/theakuzma

PITCH-BLVCK™ Sponsored by:
Death Wobble Radio, Secret Oktober, Artstrada Magazine , Grindhouse Productions BASSBOSS Sound

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