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The Ultimate Small Town Texas Road Trip Map

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Common road trips are from Austin to San Antonio, Houston to Dallas, and pretty much anywhere to South Padre Island. But with so many fantastic big cities and fascinating destinations, the small towns can get overlooked.  The small towns of Texas should not be ignored. The small towns are where some of the most interesting Texas history took place

see the ultimate small town Texas road trip !  

Starting in Marfa, you’ll hit I-10 and head east, with very few detours. Outside Houston start heading North on 146 and take it until it turns into 59. Drive through the picturesque Angelina National Forest up to Jefferson. Then head back West on I-20 until just outside of Tyler. From there you’ll drive Southeast to West, Texas, and eventually pick up on 183 to Seymour. The last leg is on US 70 and up I-27 into Canyon.

This list represents just 22 of the small towns you’ll pass through if you travel this route. There are even more adventures in between! read more at 


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