Ultimate CF SLX Kraftwerk by Canyon

In honour of a band whose legacy will continue to shape music for decades to come, Canyon is proud to present the Ultimate CF SLX Kraftwerk. This extremely limited run of 21 technically-accomplished machines pays homage to Kraftwerk’s iconic aesthetic and harks to the pioneering sounds they produce, music that has paved the way for so many others to follow.

Obsessed with the idea of blurring the delineation between human and robot, when the musicians found themselves flagging from extended time touring, Hütter decided that cycling was the most appropriate form of exercise for his band of man-machines.

Featuring the sound of shifting gear mechanisms, freewheeling ratchets, and the heavy breathing of the rider, Kraftwerk’s resulting Tour-inspired soundtrack was a statement of the band’s belief that cycling provided perhaps the perfect union of human and machine.

Like many Germans, and electronic music fans of a certain age around the world, Kraftwerk occupy a special place in the heart of Canyon founder and CEO, Roman Arnold.

‘My memories of partying in friends’ basements as a teenager are dominated by hearing Kraftwerk’s groundbreaking sounds. Kraftwerk and cycling have a special and unique connection, their music, and all that they do, has inspired our work at Canyon in so many ways across the years,’ Arnold said.

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