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Artstrada magazine interviews Steve Canham about his new score of the critically acclaimed historical movie Nosferatu for the 2019 Nosferatu Festival in Austin Texas! NOSFERATU FEST – May 31 – Jun 2 | Kick Butt Coffee & 4th Tap Brewery, 10615 Metric Blvd.

Q: Steven, What was your challenge in musically scoring a film of this age using modern technology, if any?

A: No challenge at all. The original film score is a classic in it’s own way for sure. This film score I created was mainly meant for my personal preference of rock/electronic genres that I’m heavily influenced from, such as, synthwave, goth rock, industrial, metal, ambient, ebm, experimental, and orchestral genres.

Q: What films or books or media inspired you most in the writing of your musical score of this film? What would you say inspired you most?

A: Bands or composers that I would say that inspired me would be John Carpenter to Front Line Assembly to Nine Inch Nails to IAMX to The Dead Can Dance. Inspiration the most throughout this whole soundtrack is really hard to say. The artist I listed above I believe showed the most influence throughout this film score.

Q: Before this project, did you have any special interests in the movie Nosferatu, vampire literature or vampire culture in general?

A: Indeed. The first time I actually discovered about Nosferatu was when my mother took me out with her to see this film at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin in ’98. I was also astonished when I saw performed along with the instrumental band called The Brown Hornet. After that moment, this got me also influenced to perform and create music a little more differently.

Q: Do you believe that the Nosferatu festival which is honoring this great film is a part of the latest trend in vampire films and entertainment? or do you believe this is part of another artistic movement or wholly different artistic experience?

A: Nosferatu Festival coming up in Austin, Tx May 31st-June 2nd is definitely showing a variety of old history culture to a modern day feel. The movement where this festival I feel like is leading is to have those not be afraid to show a little bit of a dark side and embrace it.

Q: What would you say was your greatest challenge in creating your great score for Nosferatu?

A: There was really no challenge. Just sitting down with Mitch Rafter (Gore Noir) and getting his opinion if certain things felt right. There were some changes here and there with particular instruments to be used at certain body movements in the film. It all developed very nicely and glad he approved as well.

Q: How do you believe Austin’s nightlife or culture has helped facilitate the creation of Nosferatu Festival or the interest in the film?

A: I do believe this has been a great evolve over time, especially with the club Elysium has always kept this scene strong and going.

Q: If you could go back in time to any part of history in order to help you in understanding the creation of the movie Nosferatu, what time would that be and why? Thank you Steve!, it has been a pleasure interviewing you and we look forward to the Nosferatu Festival which will be coming up at the end of May!

A: I guess it would the “Victorian London days”. Bram Stoker When the time they lived had amazing gothic literature that also brought around vampires, especially during Halloween. Also they say Dracula was inspired from Jack the Ripper which I found interesting. Very dark days indeed and yet there was amusement as well.

“Thank you so much for interviewing me! I hope many people check out my film score version, Gore Noir, and of course Nosferatu Weekend A Festival of Horror May 31st-June 2nd in Austin, Tx. Also to anybody who’s going, be sure to catch the Gore Noir version of Nosferatu with on Sunday. “

check it out!

Nosferatu Gore Noir Edition Soundtrack
by Steven Canham

Steven Canham is a American film score composer born 1983. 

He started recording music and sounds around the age 

variety of fourteen and worked with many musicians since 

2000. He’s also the present guitarist for Lucid Dementia, 

and mastermind for Redundant Nature. His works include Left 

To Rot (PC Game), Pizza Never Weeps, Timecorder, and Knock 

Knock released 2017. 

What’s up?

Nosferatu Festival

Nosferatu Festival

Fri, May 31 – Mon, June 2nd
Kick Butt Coffee & 4th Tap Brewery , 10615 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

What better way to Keep Austin Weird than to honor one of the greatest works of cinematic horror with its very own festival? We celebrate 90 years since the endearing Count Orlok, also known as Nosferatu, was first released on US soil on June 3rd, 1929. What better setting to embrace all things Vampire than Austin, fondly nicknamed Bat City? Nosferatu Festival is a gathering of fans for the mutual admiration of this masterpiece by way of artwork, music, food, drink and general revelry. The Fest is our way of bringing together people spanning all age groups, all cultures and subcultures, and even those alive and undead.

Nosferatu’s preview premiered on March 4th 1922 and was planned as a large society evening entitled Das Fest Des Nosferatu or Festival of Nosferatu and guests were asked to arrive dressed in costume. 97 years later and we shall continue that tradition and bring the world Nosferatu Festival, complete with our encouragement of coming in costume as well. This encouragement will take the form of a costume contest and will have multiple categories for Nosferatu, Vampire, or supporting cast alike. Not very handy with make up? We will have make up resources on hand to transform you into a Vamp or victim, the choice is yours!

Nosferatu lends itself to amazing artwork and we are curating a gallery of pieces that will entrance all of our festival attendees. Much of this gallery will be original pieces with prints that are going to be only available to purchase at Nosferatu Festival. Taking home a momento from your experience is always exciting and we will have a plethora of Nosferatu merchandise created exclusively for those attending. We also plan to have various themed drinks, food, photo ops, and games for people to partake in.

Kick Butt Coffee & 4th Tap Brewery
Austin, TX


Kick Butt Coffee & 4th Tap Brewery
10615 Metric Blvd
Austin, TX 78758
United States

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