Redundant Nature / Album : LockDown [REVIEW] 2020

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Redundant Nature is brimming with creative energy and creative ninja Steven Canham is putting out some incredible jams at a much needed time in our Covid19 quarantine isolation!

Here Artstrada magazine reviews this great new Industrial quantine lockdown album called, what else?! LOCKDOWN!! available now!! on BandCamp! ALSO AVAILABLE ON Spotify AND Apple!

Reminder: You can find our LEFTOVERS review here!!! from our January 2020 installment.

Did you know!? anybody going to Bandcamp 05/08 and buys or donates , Bandcamp will forward all proceeds to the research for COVID-19 to find a cure. LOCKDOWN Album will be released on Cdbaby also, but due to Covid19 delays they are saying that the album Lockdown might be days late. stay tuned!

Spotify, Apple,available now!!!

Track 1: We are in Control – Really excellent deep beats and samples and dubbing. Great representation of Industrial Music. This is the kind of music that will fill up your innerspace with visuals even without a video accompanyment.

Track 2: A New Beginning – Redundant Nature is stretching out further in this song. Lots of nuance. Easy to miss the complexity if your sound system sucks. Great Quarantine apocalyptic song to hole up with.

Track 3: Sacrifice – I enjoyed this sacrifice. Is that ok to say? Really enjoyed the backbeats and edgy sample edits. Unexpected changes make this song go on an industrial metal opera direction. This is unique. There are some seriously great sound engineered balanced moments. I didn’t expect to like this song as much as I did.

Track 4: Killer of Killers – This song has a kick-ass gated drum. I would like to hear more of that. Soundtrack-like, Killer of killers is nice gooey glue for the middle section of this battle extravaganza of industrial music.

Track 5: Disconnected – I think Disconnected holds the album together nicely. Redundant Nature is usually looking at all the songs when they are crafted so that they seem to backup and support each other. This Makes for enjoyable long listening sessions. Great road album. great song.

Track 6: Inflicted – a little over 2 minutes song, this enjoyable track is a quick musing. It sounds like the great final credits song of some badass Hardware style post apocalyptic movie.

Track 7: Rusting – Rusting meanders like a hallucinatory thread. The crunching guitars reminding me of the mad flame shooting guitarist of Mad Max Fury Road. Great stuff.

Track 8: Dissaray – Dissaray has great sounds. My ears are having many enjoyable moments in this album. Such EXCELLENT voices from the synths.

Track 9: Where is your Hero? – great brooding track. dark and sinister. great moody indstrial. Enjoyed this immensely. I think a really great car system will do this track justice. Not sure downtown clubs have the sound system to image all the complexity.

Track 10: The Message – The message has a Depeche-esque sound to it. Really enjoyed this last track. Uplifting. Inspirational track. Great ending track. Great message. You are going to enjoy this album dudes.

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