SCREAMHOLLOW Party in the woods | Monster bash!

SCREAM HOLLOW (AND COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS) coming weekends to frighten and entertain you! Come on out!!!! Be safe!



We know you have been cooped up and stressed with all things coronavirus these past two months! All of us at Scream Hollow have been as well. We feel we need our Summer Monster Bash more than ever this year so as restrictions ease up you have a summer party to get out and celebrate!

Scream Hollow has such a unique layout and style, we feel like our summer event is providing a much needed breath of fresh air (with a scare!)

For everyone’s safety and comfort we want to share what we are doing:

1. Most of our venue is outdoors with lots of open space across over 20 acres of forest.

2. All food and drink establishments on property already serve to-go for our outdoor dining areas and our beer garden. This gives us an advantage of natural social distancing. The spacing of everything is already on point with picnic tables spread out across the eating areas.

3. With our 4 haunted attractions we keep group sizes to 6 or less which also accommodates natural social distancing.

4. We will be spacing out our queue lines so that all guests feel comfortable.

5. For those who want to keep social distancing from our actors, we will be selling special orange glow necklaces at the castle ticket booth and the gift shop for $1.00. If you are wearing one of our orange glow necklaces actors will not come within 6 feet of you in the haunted attractions. If you see someone wearing an orange glow necklace, please respect their space while in the queue lines and common areas on property.

6. We are stepping up our sanitation and cleaning efforts to comply with CDC recommendations in the common areas.

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