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Depeche Mode Violator | The 12″ Singles

Numbered limited edition
10 x 12” Singles faithfully reproduced from original artwork and audio masters

Includes original and Special Edition versions of each single:
Personal Jesus
Enjoy The Silence
Policy Of Truth
World In My Eyes

Etched vinyl of Enjoy The Silence
Blue sealed edition of World In My Eyes
Promo 12″ of World In My Eyes

Plus reproduction marketing poster and digital download code

Violator | The 12″ Singles
The Depeche Mode 12″ vinyl singles collector’s edition box set series continues TODAY with the release of Violator | The 12″ Singles

VIOLATOR | THE 12″ SINGLES, a collector’s edition deluxe boxed set, contains ten 12″, 45rpm vinyl singles showcasing the singles, “Personal Jesus,” “Enjoy The Silence,” “Policy Of Truth,” “World In My Eyes,” and key B-sides and mixes contemporaneous to Depeche Mode’s watershed Violator album.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach)

Disc: 2

  1. Dangerous (Sensual Mix)
  2. Personal Jesus (Acoustic)

Disc: 3

  1. Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)

Disc: 4

  1. Personal Jesus (Telephone Stomp Mix)
  2. Dangerous (Hazshemix)

Disc: 5

  1. Enjoy the Silence
  2. Enjoy the Silence (Hands and Feet Mix)

Disc: 6

  1. Enjoy the Silence (Ecstatic Dub)
  2. Sibeling

Disc: 7

  1. Enjoy the Silence (Bass Line)
  2. Enjoy the Silence (Harmonium)

Disc: 8

  1. Enjoy the Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix)
  2. Memphisto

Disc: 9

  1. Enjoy the Silence (The Quad: Final Mix)

Disc: 10

  1. Policy of Truth (Beat Box)

Disc: 11

  1. Policy of Truth (Capitol Mix)
  2. Kaleid (When Worlds Mix)

Disc: 12

  1. Policy of Truth (Trancentral Mix)

Disc: 13

  1. Kaleid (Remix)
  2. Policy of Truth (Pavlov’s Dub)

Disc: 14

  1. World in My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)

Disc: 15

  1. Happiest Girl (Kiss-A-Mix)
  2. Sea of Sin

Disc: 16

  1. World in My Eyes (Dub in My Eyes)

Disc: 17

  1. World in My Eyes (Mode to Joy)
  2. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix)

Disc: 18

  1. World in My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)

Disc: 19

  1. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix)

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