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Flying Sport Car: Latest News on Samson Sky Switchblade

“The promise of the Switchblade is a quantum leap in personal transportation, effectively transforming the mundane experience of A to B travel into the magical freedom of flight. As a professional pilot for over 20 years, I’ve dreamed of turning my passion for flying into a daily experience. The Switchblade means trading hours lost in traffic for moments of joy flying through the sky.”

  • Bryant Boon, Actor and Airline Pilot
Maximum Airspeed
200 mph / 322 kph
Cruise speed
160 mph / 257 kph
Max driving speed
125+ mph / 201+ kph
450 miles / 724 km

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Switchblade Flying Sports Car    Price: $120,000 (est.)

The Switchblade is a three wheel, street legal vehicle that you drive from your garage to a nearby local airport. Once there, the wings swing out and the tail extends in under 3 minutes. You then fly your registered aircraft directly to the destination – at up to 200 mph and 13,000 feet. You simply land, transform your flying sports car back to driving mode – the wings safely stowed and protected – and continue to your final destination.

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