TEXAS BBQ: It’s a religion!

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Texas Barbecue refers to methods of preparation for barbecue that are unique to Texan cuisine. Beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausage are among the most commonly known dishes. The term can also include side dishes that are traditionally served alongside the smoked meats. Wikipedia


Below are BBQ Chapels famous throughout Texas!!!

we don’t mess around! BBQ IS LIFE!

Stillwater Barbeque

Opened: 2013
Pitmaster: Matt Proctor, 33
Method: Oak; all-wood rotisserie smoker

Tyler’s Barbeque

Opened: 2010
Pitmaster: Tyler Frazer, 49
Method: Mesquite and oak blend; indirect-heat pit

Franklin Barbecue

Opened: 2009
Pitmasters: Aaron Franklin, 39; Braun Hughes, 40
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

La Barbecue

Opened: 2012
Pitmasters: Francisco Saucedo, 30, and Brendan Lamb, 28
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Micklethwait Craft Meats

Opened: 2012
Pitmaster: Tom Micklethwait, 39
Method: Oak; indirect-heat pit

Stiles Switch

Opened: 2011
Pitmasters: Bill Dumas, 49; Alan Mykal Jackson, 24; Lance Kirkpatrick, 47; Christopher McGhee, 29; and Andy Stapp, 26
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Terry Black’s Barbecue

Opened: 2014
Pitmasters: Michael Black, 28, and Mark Black, 28
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Opened: 2013
Pitmaster: Miguel Vidal, 37
Method: Mesquite; wood-fired offset smoker

Miller’s Smokehouse

Opened: 2008 (relocated 2016)
Pitmasters: Dirk Miller, 53, Dusty Miller, 29
Method: Post and live oak; indirect-heat pits

TRUTH Barbeque

Opened: 2015
Pitmaster: Leonard Botello IV, 28
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que

Opened: 1955
Pitmaster: Mando Vera, 56
Method: Mesquite coals; subterranean pit.

Fargo’s Pit BBQ

Opened: 2000
Pitmaster: Alan Caldwell, 53
Method: Oak (and another unspecified wood); indirect-heat pit

Payne’s Bar-B-Q Shak

Opened: 2011
Pitmaster: Robert Payne, 73
Method: Oak; indirect-heat pit

BBQ on the Brazos

Opened: 2013
Pitmaster: John Sanford, 60
Method: Post oak; wood-burning gas-assisted rotisserie

Cattleack Barbeque

Opened: 2013
Pitmaster: Todd David, 59
Method: Post oak and hickory; indirect-heat pit and wood-fired rotisserie

Lockhart Smokehouse

Opened: 2011
Pitmasters: Damian Avila, 33, and Carolina Maldonado, 33
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Pecan Lodge

Opened: 2010
Pitmaster: Justin Fourton, 40
Method: Post oak and hickory; indirect-heat pit

4-T’s Bar-B-Q

Opened: 2010
Pitmaster: Mike Thomas, 56
Method: Hickory; indirect-heat smoker

Heim Barbecue

Opened: 2015
Pitmaster: Travis Heim, 28
Method: Oak; indirect-heat pit

Baker Boys BBQ

Opened: 2015
Pitmasters: Phil Baker, 63, Wayne Baker, 35
Method: Oak lump briquettes; indirect-heat pit

Heavy’s Outdoor Bar-B-Que

Opened: 2008
Pitmaster: Darren “Heavy” Bernal, 55
Method: Mesquite; Southern Pride rotisseries

Gatlin’s BBQ

Opened: 2010
Pitmaster: Greg Gatlin, 37
Method: Hickory and oak; indirect-heat pit

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Opened: 2016
Pitmaster: Grant Pinkerton, 28
Method: Mesquite and post oak; offset smoker

The Pit Room

Opened: 2016
Pitmasters: Michael Sambrooks, 31, and Bramwell Tripp, 33
Method: Post oak; offset smoker

Roegels Barbecue Co.

Opened: 2014
Pitmaster: Russell Roegels, 44
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Joseph’s Riverport Bar-B-Cue

Opened: 1993
Pitmaster: Stephen Joseph, 49
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit


Opened: 2003
Pitmaster: Tootsie Tomanetz, 82, and Kerry Bexley, 50

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

Opened: 1963
Pitmasters: Kenny Oestreich, 52, Louis Garcia, 60
Method: Mesquite; direct-heat pit

Kreuz Market

Opened: 1900 (current location since 1999)
Pitmaster: Roy Perez, 55
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat brick pit

Bodacious Bar-B-Q

Opened: 1968 (reopened in 2015)
Pitmasters: Jordan Jackson, 34, and Scott Turner, 30
Method: Mesquite, post oak; four different pits: vertical flow, offset, indirect heat, direct heat

City Market

Opened: 1958
Pitmaster: Joe Capello Sr., 70
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Smolik’s Smokehouse

Opened: 1989
Pitmaster: John Rodriguez, 53
Method: Mesquite and hickory; wood-fired rotisserie smoker

Hutchins BBQ

Opened: 1978 (current location since 1991)
Pitmaster: Tim Hutchins, 36
Method: Oak (brisket only) and pecan; indirect-heat pits

The Smoking Oak

Opened: 2015
Pitmaster: Mario Dominguez Jr., 40
Method: Oak; indirect-heat pit

Killen’s Barbecue

Opened: 2014
Pitmaster: Manny Torres, 44
Method: Post oak, hickory, and pecan; wood-fired rotisserie smoker

Pody’s BBQ

Opened: 2011
Pitmasters: Israel “Pody” Campos, 42; Veronica Campos, 35; and Margaret Franco, 61
Method: Pecan, oak, and mesquite; offset smokers and a wood-fired rotisserie

2M Smokehouse

Opened: 2016
Pitmaster: Esaul Ramos, 32
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Hays Co. Bar-B-Que

Opened: 2007
Pitmasters: Michael Hernandez, 43; Omar Serna, 44; Zach Junot, 26
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

CorkScrew BBQ

Pitmaster: Will Buckman, 38
Method: Red oak; wood rotisserie pit

Louie Mueller Barbecue

Opened: 1949
Pitmaster: Wayne Mueller, 51
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Tejas Chocolate Craftory

Opened: 2015
Pitmasters: : Scott Moore Jr., 53, and Greg Moore, 51
Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue

Opened: 1959
Pitmasters: Nick Pencis, 41, Jonathan Shaw, 38
Method: Pecan; gas-fired smoker (ribs), indirect-heat pit (everything else)

Harris Bar-B-Que

Opened: 2013
Pitmaster: Kelvin Harris, 50
Method: Hickory, oak, and whatever wood Harris can swap a chopped beef sandwich for; reverse-flow smoker

Evie Mae’s Pit Barbeque

Opened: 2015
Pitmaster: Arnis Robbins, 33
Method: Oak; offset smoker

Salt Lick

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