New 2021 Ducati Monster!

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Monster is finally here! Join us for the final episode of the Ducati World Première. Light, compact and essential. Easy and fun to ride. Ducati in every sense. The new Monster is designed to let enjoy maximum excitement on the street and on track and. Truly Ducati in its most essential form. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. #Monster #JustFun #Ducati

Ducati World Première

The Ducati Monster (called Il Mostro in Italian[4]) is a muscle bike[clarification needed] designed by Miguel Angel Galluzzi and produced by Ducati in Bologna, Italy, since 1993. It is a naked bike, characterized by an exposed engine and frame.[1][2][3] The trellis frame in the Ducati Monster is an integral part of the motorcycle’s design allowing for both aesthetic appeal and for structural efficiency.[5] In 2005, Monster sales accounted for over half of Ducati’s worldwide sales. Ducati motorcycles use 90° V-twin engines, which they call L-twins, with desmodromic valves, and tubular steel trellis frame, designed by Fabio Taglioni (1920–2001).

The Monster line has had numerous variations over the years, from entry level 400 cc (24 cu in) bikes up to top of the line 160 hp (120 kW) multivalvewater-cooled superbike-engined versions, with as many as nine different Monster versions in a single model year.[6] The Monster’s elemental simplicity has also made it a favorite platform for custom motorcycle builders, showcased at competitions like the Monster Challenge.[7] Monsters eventually accounted for two-thirds or more of Ducati’s output.[8][9]

British weekly newspaper Motorcycle News commented in December 2016: “The Monster has gone down in folklore as ‘the bike that saved Ducati’ due to its popularity and cheap development costs”, adding that approximately 300,000 had been produced.[10]

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