New/Late Wave Compilations: The Hardest Hits Series

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Hardest Hits Collection Vol. 1-5All available tracks from SPG’s Hardest Hits new wave dance compilations

SPG Records was an independent Toronto dance record label of the 1990s up to 2010. The label mainly produced Canadian house and dance compilations.[1][2]

Various Artists: The Hardest Hits Vol. 1 – CD – Canada – 1991

  1. The Puppets:  The Way Of Life (Dance Mix)
  2. Scary Thieves:  The Waiting Game (Extended Version)
  3. Kirsty MacColl:  A New England (Extended Version)
  4. Jon St. James:   The Girl Who Seduced The World
  5. The Mood:   I Don’t Need Your Love Now (Remix)
  6. Passion Puppets:    Like Dust (Extended Version)
  7. Uropa Lula:   Our Love Has Just Begun (Extended Remix)
  8. B-Movie:   Nowhere Girl (Extended Version)
  9. Thomas Leer:   Heartbeat (Extended Mix)
  10. The Puppets:  The Way Of Life (Edit ’91)

This Canadian series popped up in 1991 and preserved some classic club hits and some lessor known College Radio gems. Checkem out!

Various Artists: The Hardest Hits Vol. 2 – CD – Canada – 1992

  1. Johnny Warman [+ Peter Gabriel]: Screaming Jets
  2. Scary Thieves – Tell Me Girl [ext.]
  3. Boys Brigade – The Passion Of Love
  4. Jona Lewie:  [You’ll Always Find Me In The] Kitchen At Parties
  5. Re-Flex:  The Politics Of Dancing [ext.]
  6. Trio: Da Da Da
  7. Cetu Javu:  Situations 5:30
  8. Naked Eyes:  Always Something There To Remind Me [ext.]
  9. Pigbag:  Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag [ext.]
  10. The Big Supreme: Don’t Walk [ext.]
  11. The West End Dance Project: 92 In The Shade [remix]
  12. Abecedarians: Smiling Monarchs
  13. The Normal: Warm Leatherette
  14. Sharpe + Numan: Change Your Mind [UK ext.]

Various Artists: The Hardest Hits Vol. 3 – CD – Canada – 1993

  1. Voice Of America: Story Of Love [ext.]
  2. The Chameleons: Swamp Thing
  3. The Lotus Eaters: The First Picture Of You [ext.]
  4. The Comsat Angels: You Move Me [One Good Reason]
  5. Jackie Leven: Love Is Shining Down On Me [ext.]
  6. Fiction Factory: Feels Like Heaven
  7. Nick Heyward: Goodbye Yesterday [ext.]
  8. Steve Harley:  Heartbeat Like Thunder [ext.]
  9. Lords Of The New Church: Dance With Me [ext.]
  10. Glamor Cult: Tokyo Streets
  11. The Hawaiian Pups:  Baby Judy
  12. Vicious Pink: Cccan’t You See [ext.]
  13. MCL [Micro Chip League]:  New York [Dance Floor Cut]
  14. Night Moves: Transdance

Various Artists: The Hardest Hits Vol. 4 – CD – Canada – 1993

  1. The Assembly: Never, Never [ext.]
  2. Sal Solo:  San Damiano [Heart And Soul] [ext.]
  3. The Flying Lizards: Money [LP cut]
  4. Vicious Pink: Take Me Now [ext.]
  5. The Nails: 88 Lines About 44 Women [ext.]
  6. Robert Hazard:  Escalator Of Life
  7. The Lotus Eaters:  You Don’t Need Someone New [Charleston Mix]
  8. The Call: Everywhere I Go
  9. Furniture: Brilliant Mind [ext.]
  10. Japan: Life In Tokyo [Disco Mix]
  11. Duran Duran: Planet Earth [Night Version]
  12. Hitlist: Into The Fire
  13. Heaven 17: Let Me Go [ext.]

Various Artists: The Hardest Hits Vol. 5 – CD – Canada – 1994

  1. Endgames: First, Last For Everything [Club Version]
  2. Nick Heyward: Whistle Down The Wind
  3. Boys Brigade: Melody
  4. China Crisis – Working With Fire & Steel [Mix]
  5. Peter Godwin – Baby’s In The Mountains [New York Mix]
  6. The Comsat Angels: Day One
  7. Visage: Pleasure Boys [Dance Mix]
  8. The Flying Pickets: Only You
  9. Freur: Doot Doot [ext.]
  10. Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile F1-11 [ext.]
  11. Secession: Simon Says [ext.]
  12. Thomas Leer: International [Global Mix]
  13. SSQ: Jet Town
  14. Elton Motello: Jet Boy, Jet Girl [Club Mix]

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