5th column activity in the United States

The School shootings.. the road rage shootings.. the “random” hate crimes… the doorstep murders or stand-your-ground murders.. the murders of protesters… the murder of the mentally ill and the infirm and homeless and immigrants… the clutching of the bibles and the babies.. the anti-christian sloganism..the sadism… the money buried in the walls of the faux churches.. the molestations…the legalization of rape impregnation… the attacks on minorities.. the vitriol.. the nightly misinformation propaganda campaigns.. the oil wars.. the culture wars…the undermining of our military families..they are all the activities of the 5th column currently attacking America with the goal of splitting it up and undermining our allies and global alliances.. All done under the guise of religious Zealotry and anti-globalism and fear. It’s an instigated disease of hate and intolerance. It looks random, but it is not random. There are forces being efforted to create this reality. There is a “5th column at work inside the US”…as well as abroad.

– Trinity

“Much will be discussed by our future children and the governments around the world about the events happening today. This is the “decisive decade” of our lives. Americans should look deeply into their hearts and minds and pull from them the best qualities they wish to show the world. If we align together today we can achieve peace tomorrow. War criminals must be held accountable for their actions. The invasion of Ukraine was an insane miscalculation and a grave error of reason. Those who wish to align with the genocidal forces that currently occupy Ukraine do so at their own peril. #SlavaUkraini ” – Trinity

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fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group or nation from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or another nation

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For other uses of the term, see Fifth Column (disambiguation).

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fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group or nation from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or another nation. According to Harris Mylonas and Scott Radnitz, “fifth columns” are “domestic actors who work to undermine the national interest, in cooperation with external rivals of the state.”[1] The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organised actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotagedisinformationespionage, and/or terrorism executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.

The term “fifth column” originated in Spain (originally quinta columna) during the early phase of the Spanish Civil War. It gained popularity in the Loyalist faction media in early October 1936 and immediately started to spread abroad.[2]

The exact origins of the term are not clear. Its first known appearance is in a secret telegram dated September 30, 1936, that was sent to Berlin by the German chargé d’affaires in AlicanteHans Hermann Völckers. In the telegram, he referred to an unidentified “supposed statement by Franco” that “is being circulated” (apparently in the Republican zone or in the Republican-held Levantine zone), and he suggests that in that statement Franco had claimed that there were four Nationalist columns approaching Madrid, and a fifth column waiting to attack from the inside.[3] The telegram was part of the secret German diplomatic correspondence and was discovered long after the civil war.

The first identified public use of the term is in the October 3, 1936, issue of the Madrid Communist daily Mundo Obrero. In a front-page article, the party propagandist Dolores Ibárruri referred to a statement very similar (or identical) to the one that Völckers had referred to in his telegram, but attributed it to General Emilio Mola rather than to Franco.[4] On the same day, the PCE activist Domingo Girón made a similar claim during a public rally.[5] During the next few days, various Republican papers repeated the story, but with differing detail; some attributed the phrase to General Queipo de Llano.[6] By mid-October, the media was already warning of the “famous fifth column”.[7]

Historians have never identified the original statement referred to by Völckers, Ibárruri, Girón, de Jong, and others.[8] The transcripts of Francisco Franco‘s, Gonzalo Queipo de Llano‘s, and Emilio Mola‘s radio addresses have been published, but they do not contain the term,[9] and no other original statement containing this phrase has ever surfaced. A British journalist who took part in Mola’s press conference on October 28, 1936, claimed that Mola referred to quinta columna on that day,[10] but by that time the term had already been being used in the Republican press for more than three weeks.[11]

Historiographic works offer differing perspectives on authorship of the term. Many scholars have no doubt about Mola’s role and refer to “fifth column” as “a term coined in 1936 by General Emilio Mola”,[12] though they acknowledge that his exact statement cannot be verified.[13] In some sources, Mola is named as a person who had used the term during an impromptu press interview, and different – though detailed – versions of the exchange are offered.[14] Probably the most popular version describes the theory of Mola’s authorship with a grade of doubt, either noting that it is presumed but has never been proven,[15] or that the phrase “is attributed” to Mola,[16] who “apparently claimed” so,[17] or else noting that “la famosa quinta columna a la que parece que se había referido el general Mola” (the famous fifth column that General Mola seems to have referred to)[18] Some authors consider it possible if not likely that the term has been invented by the Communist propaganda with the purpose of either raising morale or providing justification for terror and repression; initially it might have been part of the whispering campaign, but was later openly floated by Communist propagandists.[19] There are also other theories afloat.[20]

Some writers, mindful of the origin of the phrase, use it only in reference to military operations rather than the broader and less well-defined range of activities that sympathizers might engage in to support an anticipated attack.[a]

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Robert De Niro’s full statement on Trump. Please read and let me know your thoughts: I’ve spent a lot of time studying bad men.  I’ve examined their characteristics, their mannerisms, the utter banality of their cruelty. Yet there’s something different about Donald Trump. When I look at him, I don’t see a bad man. Truly. I see an evil one. Over the years, I’ve met gangsters here and there. This guy tries to be one, but he can’t quite pull it off. There’s such a thing as “honor among thieves.” Yes, even criminals usually have a sense of right and wrong.  Whether they do the right thing or not is a different story — but — they have a moral code, however warped. Donald Trump does not. He’s a wannabe tough guy with no morals or ethics. No sense of right or wrong. No regard for anyone but himself — not the people he was supposed to lead and protect, not the people he does business with, not the people who follow him, blindly and loyally, not even the people who consider themselves his “friends.” He has contempt for all of them. We New Yorkers got to know him over the years that he poisoned the atmosphere and littered our city with monuments to his ego.  We knew first hand that this was someone who should never be considered for leadership.  We tried to warn the world in 2016. The repercussions of his turbulent presidency divided America and rattled New York City beyond imagination.  Remember how we were jolted by crisis in early 2020, as a virus swept the world. We lived with Donald Trump’s bombastic behavior every day on the national stage, and we suffered as we saw our neighbors piling up in body bags. The man who was supposed to protect this country put it in peril, because of his recklessness and impulsiveness. It was like an abusive father ruling the family by fear and violent behavior.  That was the consequence of New York’s warning getting ignored. Next time, we know it will be worse. Make no mistake: the twice-impeached, 4-time indicted Donald Trump is still a fool. But we can’t let our fellow Americans write him off like one. Evil thrives in the shadow of dismissive mockery, which is why we must take the danger of Donald Trump very seriously. So today we issue another warning. From this place where Abraham Lincoln spoke — right here in the beating heart of New York — to the rest of America: This is our last chance. Democracy won’t survive the return of a wannabe dictator. And it won’t overcome evil if we are divided. So what do we do about it?  I know I’m preaching to the choir here.  What we’re doing today is valuable, but we have to take today into tomorrow – take it outside these walls.   We have to reach out to the half of our country who have ignored the hazards of Trump and, for whatever reason, support elevating him back into the White House.  They’re not stupid, and we must not condemn them for making a stupid choice.  Our future doesn’t just depend on us. It depends on them. Let’s reach out to Trump’s followers with respect.  Let’s not talk about “democracy.”  “Democracy” may be our holy grail, but to others it is just a word, a concept, and in their embrace of Trump, they’ve already turned their backs on it.  Let’s talk about right and wrong.  Let’s talk about humanity.  Let’s talk about kindness.  Security for our world.  Safety for our families.  Decency.  Let’s welcome them back.  We won’t get them all, but we can get enough to end the nightmare of Trump, and fulfill the mission of this “Stop Trump Summit.”

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