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The Dark Angel


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An Abandoned Race Track Is a Perfect PostApocalyptic Playground

Finally, You Can Buy Vampire Repellant

Endless Night Vampire Ball

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Understanding Gen-Z: The PostApocalyptic Generation

You have to check out these postapocalyptic aerocars

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These Cyberpunk 3D Renderings Are Completely Mindblowing


The animals of our postapocalyptic future

Why It Might Not Be A Good Idea To Wipe Out Vampire Bats

Vampire bats could soon swarm to the United States

Millions of people have a motorcycle license but don’t own a bike

Why Postapocalyptic Fiction Is More Relevant Now Than Ever Before

The Incomplete Onscreen History of Cyberpunk

Taylor Swift Is Cyberpunk Now

Horror fans can’t stop talking about this mind blowing cyberpunk game

Tiny-house test drive: Try one on vacation before taking the plunge

Video: Running a postapocalyptic indie studio

tiny house movement timeline

Creating the sound of the postapocalyptic future in ‘Blade Runner …

Artist Turns Childhood Toys Into Amazing PostApocalyptic …

Artist envisions the downfall of social media in new postapocalyptic …

Large-format 3D printer builds carbon fiber-reinforced submarine

Vampire Serial-Killer Charged With More Murders in Caribbean

A novel idea: Vampires in San Jose

Dracula Clothing


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