Want To Slow Down Aging?

 magical healthy habitsNothing you haven’t heard before: Exercise, eat a healthy diet, reduce stress, sleep well and foster positive social relationships. On the flip side, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much and don’t become addicted to opioids.

Want To Slow Down Aging? Focus On These 11 Longevity Biomarkers : There is much we can do to boost each one of the anti-aging pathways and slow the aging ones. Caloric restriction, as well as diet and lifestyle improvements, including physical activity, smoking cessation, and shopping the produce aisle, may all slow the epigenetic clock, for example.

Scientists Are Learning How to Reverse Aging
Depression is a core instigator of poor mental and physical health



Cellular senescence









also: Get enough deep sleep, Build a strong reserve of muscle, Closely monitor blood sugar.

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