General Tutorials

These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos.

  1. Expert VillageOne of the biggest how-to sites on the Web, this site is home to hundreds of thousands of videoson an infinitely broad spectrum of topics.
  2. LearnThat.comWith categories like business, finance, home repair, and computers and tech, this site has plenty of classes for avid learners.
  3. KoonjiWith tutorials that are extremely easy to follow, this site will make it simple to learn just about anything.
  4. SuTreeWhether you want to learn new skills or share some of your own, you can do both on this video how-to site.
  5. VideoJugWith great videos on topics as diverse as doing well on the SAT and knitting a scarf, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for here.
  6. FindTutorials.comThis huge collection of tutorials contains listings for education, hobbies and DIY projects around the house.
  7. TrickLifeWant to make your life better? This site is home to numerous tutorials to help improve your home, your body and your personal well-being.
  8. InstructablesThis site offers a wide range of video tutorials where users can showcase all their valuable skills.
  9. MyTutorialsSearch through the tutorials on this site to find just what you’re looking to learn.
  10. Tutorial NinjasFrom investing to getting healthy, you’ll find loads of tutorials here.
  11. Hodder EducationCheck out this site for a range of self-learning opportunities in sports, music, health and more.
  12. SofiaPromoting free sharing of intellectual assets, this site offers several free courses in programming, typography and geography.
  13. I Can Learn AnythingPay this site a visit to get access to a wide range of social learning resources.
  14. WikiversityWith over 10,000 free learning resources, you’ll find tons of great instructional materials here.

Around the House

Want to know how to fix that broken cabinet or hang up some great wallpaper? These sites are all about helping you learn how to fix things around the house, on your car or even learn a new hobby.

  1. Make MagazineIf you’re looking to turn your old laptop into something cool, or find new and inventive ways to spruce up your home, you’ll find loads of ideas on this site.
  2. What the CraftWith a little instruction from this site you can create hand-tailored clothes or great new pillows for your couch.
  3. SkillvidsSave money on costly home repairs by learning how to do them yourself on this site.
  4. Jonko Online Auto RepairHere, you’ll find some instructional help on fixing all the little things that can go wrong with your car.
  5. DoItYourself.comWhether you’re trying to sell your home or manage your finances, you’ll find some helpful guidance here.
  6. Fix ExpertLearn some of the basics of car maintenance and repair from this site.
  7. Easy2DIYWant to know how to lay carpet? Fix your leaky dishwasher? You’ll find that and more here.
  8. Free DIY TutorialsVisit this site to learn how to construct a range of sewing and crafting projects.
  9. The Bicycle TutorWhy pay someone to fix your bike when you can do it yourself? This site can teach you how.
  10. Grovetech PC Repair and MaintenanceCheck out this site to learn how to do some basic PC repairs like adding additional RAM and cleaning off all those nasty viruses.
  11. ReadyMadeThis site can help you learn to build things you never knew you could do on your own.
  12. Hack a DayEmbrace your creative side with these hacks that help you learn to reuse the junk around your house in cool new ways.
  13. HowtopediaWith loads of tips on how to make your DIY projects greener, this site will help you make your home and the earth a little better at the same time.

Business and Management

If you feel like you’re seriously lacking on business and management skills at work, no need to worry. These sites can help you learn the basics and get your career on track.

  1. KnowThis?Boost your marketing skills by taking one of the tutorials offered through this site.
  2. Leadership Training TutorialsLike the name suggests, these free tutorials are all about helping you bring out your leadership skills.
  3. LaynetworksThose who want to learn more about great management skills can find tutorials galore here.
  4. Website 101If you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t know much about running a business online, this site is home to loads of tutorials that can help you understand what it takes to establish a great web presence.
  5. Business TutorialsWhether you want to start your own business or need a little guidance once you have, this site will provide all kinds of helpful tutorials.
  6. Passion for Business LearningLearn more about business skills from management to finance on this site.
  7. Business BallsWhile the name might be silly, the site offers some serious advice and information on improving management and business skills.
  8. ComputerWeeklyThose in the IT field should take advantage of this site’s free weekly webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest information and developments.
  9. TechOnlineDesigned with electronics professionals in mind, this site has dozens of great tech-focused tutorials.
  10. Change ManagementHere you’ll find instructional materials to improve your skills in leadership and management.

Language and Writing

Those who want to learn a new language, improve their writing skills or just learn more about literature will be well-served by these instructional sites.

  1. BBC LanguagesWith numerous languages to choose from, this site offers visitors some really valuable free language learning materials.
  2. Project GutenbergCatch up on reading the classics with the free e-books offered here.
  3. Teach Yourself JapaneseWhether you’re learning for business or pleasure, this site offers all kinds of resources for Japanese language learners.
  4. Literature.orgThe extensive library of free material on this site makes it cheap and easy to read up on just about any subject.
  5. BibliomaniaWith free books and study guides to go along with them, you’ll not only be able to read the classics but get help understanding them as well.
  6. LookLexHere you’ll be able to learn the basics of the Arabic language with free audio tutorials.
  7. American Sign Language BrowserIf you’ve ever wanted to learn ASL you’ll find a number of resources here that can get you started.
  8. Learn SpanishAs one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, there’s no better time than now to startlearning Spanish.
  9. Writer’s Resource CenterThis site is home to loads of support and information on writing better fiction.
  10. Paradigm Online Writing AssistantNeed some help writing? You’ll find instructional articles here.


These tech-focused sites offer help to both technophiles and beginners alike.

  1. actDENNever learned how to use Microsoft Excel? Now you can with free tutorials on this site, offeringeducation on a number of computer programs.
  2. How-to GeekFrom setting up to fixing problems, this site will help you learn to get your gadgets up and running.
  3. W3SchoolsLearn just about anything you could want to know about Web design and development from the large number of tutorials on this site.
  4. KillerSitesHere you’ll find loads of free info on web design and hosting.
  5. Productivity PortfolioAre you really not good with technology? Here you’ll find tutorials designed just for you, with simple 5-minute lessons on the basics of programs like Outlook and Firefox.
  6. TweakoThis site is home to numerous tutorials focused on technology, programming and the net.
  7. Vista4BeginnersMany people find Vista hard to navigate, and if you’re one of them you can find help on this site, filled with great tutorials.
  8. Digital ArtsFrom tips on using Photoshop to what it takes to make great web designs, this site will help you embrace the creative side of technology.
  9. InPicturesWith tutorials that come complete with visual representations of how to do everything, this site is perfect for the visual learner.
  10. N Design StudioThis site is focused on Dreamweaver and Illustrator, providing a wide range of tutorials.
  11. NetTutsCheck out this site if you’re in need of a little help with a web development project or want to learn more about programming on the internet.
  12. GeekpediaHere you’ll find tutorials on just about every programming language you could want to learn.
  13. MuppetLabsProgrammers and aspiring geeks alike can find numerous tutorials here on languages like C++ and Perl.


Many people struggle to understand mathematical concepts. These sites offer help and instruction no matter what level you’re on.

  1. S.O.S. MathematicsCheck out this site to find tutorials and worksheets to help you learn more about math and get a little practice applying it.
  2. MathVidsIf you’d rather learn from videos, the instructional ones provided here will be helpful to you, offering explanation of a wide variety of math issues.
  3. Math CrackerGet a little help on math subjects from the basics of algebra to the intricacies of calculus with a variety of helpful tutorials.
  4. Real World MathThink your math teacher was full of it when he said you’d actually use the math you’re learning? This site applies all kinds of math to real situations, making it easier for many to see how it might be valuable.
  5. Math for Morons Like UsEven the smartest people can sometimes forget their multiplication tables, but if you feel especially weak in math you may want to check out this site. It breaks down even complicated ideas into easy to understand lessons.
  6. Math.comWith some great tools and a variety of tutorials on algebra, geometry, trigonometry and more, this site has loads to offer learners.
  7. MathToolsIf you’re using MATLAB you can get some information on how to better use the program and understand what’s going on with these free tutorials.
  8. Paul’s Online Math NotesThis professor wants to help you learn math, and offers notes, lessons and more.
  9. Visual CalculusThe modules on this site are designed to help you see visually how calculus works, an easier way to learn for many who struggle to understand abstract concepts without illustration.
  10. PurpleMathVisit this site to find notes, tutorials and lessons on a variety of math subjects.


Learn more about the amazing world around you from its chemical makeup to the processes going on in your own body with these helpful sites.

  1. The Chem TeamLearn the basics of chemistry with the tutorials and lessons provided by this site.
  2. Get Body SmartWith interactive animations and activities, this site makes it fun to learn about how the body works inside and out.
  3. The Physics ZoneYou can get a better grasp on concepts like magnetism and motion with this site that offers instruction on the theoretical and mathematical aspects of physics.
  4. The Life WireHere you’ll find a number of animations and tutorials that are designed to help you learn more about biology, even the stuff that may have confused you before.
  5. Geology RocksThe earth may seem like a stable, static entity but it’s always changing and moving. Check out this site to learn more about these processes and the ground under your feet.
  6. NASAIf Earth isn’t your thing, take to the heavens with videos, photos, articles and podcasts all about the stars, planets and what lies beyond.
  7. Inner BodyCheck out this site to learn a bit about the circulatory system and find out just how that cheeseburger is clogging your arteries.
  8. ExploratoriumAlso called the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception, you’ll find lessons here on everything from how music works to the effects of global warming.
  9. Science A-Go-GoThis site is a great place to learn about the latest and greatest scientific discoveries. You can take to the discussion forums as well if you’d like to debate any topic.
  10. The Why FilesIf you’ve ever wondered why or how a news story about science is true or want to learn more about everyday science, check out this site.


These lesson-filled sites offer a chance to learn more about art, music and digital creativity.

  1. Berklee SharesHere you’ll get access to loads of free Strobist: Check out this blog and its tutorials to learn the basics of lighting in photography.
  2. TeoriaOn this site you’ll find a number of music-related tutorials and lessons to help you better understand music theory.
  3. Digital ArtsNeed a little creative inspiration? This site can help you out and help you better learn to use your digital art tools.
  4. PSDTUTSWhether you use PhotoShop to touch up your drawings or to make completely digital works of art, you’ll find helpful tutorials here.
  5. Photography MentorJoin this site to get educational videos for your computer or iPhone to learn more about digital photography.
  6. E-ChordsThe video tutorials on this site can help you learn to totally shred on the guitar or bass.
  7. DrumBumIf drums are more your style, these tutorials and lessons will help you master a variety of types of music.
  8. Music TheoryRicci Adams teaches the basics of music theory and notation with lessons and tutorials on this site.
  9. Computer Music ProductsWant to make and distribute music right from your computer? This site can teach you how.
  10. Duey’s DrawingsIf you’ve always been envious of those who can draw and paint, give this instructional site a visit for lessons on how you can improve your skills.
  11. Video-TutesLearn a number of useful things about shooting and editing videos from the instructional tutorials on this site.


Expand your knowledge of the past with these history sites that contain info, photos and lessons on numerous topics.

  1. Archive.orgWith links to information on the history of music, documents and even the Internet, this site is a one-stop-shop for learning.
  2. Library of CongressWith numerous digitally archived photos, documents and manuscripts, as well as a few wholly online exhibits, you’ll find a wealth of great information on this site to help you learn about American history.
  3. The Rosetta ProjectNo matter what language you want to learn about, still spoken or long dead, you’ll find its history and loads of information about it here.
  4. Digital HistoryThis online project offers users a wide range of digitized historical information to make learning easy and fun.
  5. U.S. Census BureauGet the stats on just about everything you could want to know about Americans on this site.
  6. BiographyLearn a little more about the people who have shaped the world we live in today with the information from Biography.
  7. ArtcyclopediaWanna know a little more about the history of art? You’ll find information, photos and resources galore here.
  8. History ChannelEven if you don’t have cable you can watch videos, engage in interactive programs and read all about world history on this site.

This is a pretty long list but you will find useful websites

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