Aura Aerospace: Ranger VTOL

Aura Aerospace has a new angle on an old problem: how do you maximize utility and efficiency in today’s mixed modal transportation environment?

Their Solution: when the Aura Ranger aircraft is in cruise flight, and the wings are fully extended, the propellers come to a stop, align with their support strut, and small retractable pontoons extend to cover them for the least amount of drag. The Ranger can now accelerate to its incredible Mach 0.66 cruise speed (510 mph/820 kph), which is a little slower than most airliners since it cruises in the thicker air at 10,000 ft (3,050 m) rather than 30,000 ft (9,150 m).

According to Aura, the Ranger can fly for an arduous 22 hours non-stop or 11,185 miles (18,000 kilometers) on a full tank of sustainable aviation fuel.

Aura Aerospace

0.66 Mach

 Aura Ranger

Capacity: 5 PAX

Control system: Full waypoint automation with manual takeover

Cruise speed: 820km/h (510mp/h | 0.66 Mach)

Range: 18,000 kilometres (11,000 mi; 9,700 nmi)

Maximum flight time: 22 hours

Maximum altitude: 15,000ft

Cruise altitude: 10,000ft

Lifting body wingspan: 8m

Full deployed wingspan: 23m

Vertical Stabilizer height: 2m

Airframe: Composite

Landing gear: 4x retractable landing gear with wheels

VTOL Propeller diameter: 70”

VTOL Configuration: Offset coaxial X8

Propeller drag eliminator: Retractable pontoon covers

Forward Propulsion: Twin Turbofan Jet Engines running SAF

Operational Safety: Full glide capability, traditional runway takeoff and landing capable

Passenger amenities: Lavatory, Galley

Aura Aerospace LLC

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San Francisco
California 94133
United States

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