Daso Franke | Kaput Mag R.I.P.

“I went out the night before Daso died. Courtesy was playing at Studio 672, and at some time in the early morning hours I took out my phone and recorded a short, chaotic video: Flashes of light, a beautiful melody and the happy sounds of happy dances and then I sent it – going with an almost naive impulse, which ignored the sadly much more serious beat of the world – to Daso’s girlfriend accompanied by the desperate-euphoric words: “We are dancing the whole night through for Daso. Sending love and peace to him.“  read entire story: https://www.kaput-mag.com/stories_en/daso-franke-2/  

Cologne Karneval (2010). Anything where Daso is wearing the jacket is Thursday night (Weiberfastnacht) either at the Kompakt outdoor party, the Papierfabrik, or somewhere in between the two. The mask and t-shirt shots are Friday in Essen during a live show. The song is Open Cage ( you can get it on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/yDH33a ) Thanks Daso for one of the funniest weekends of 2010. (Shout out to Sarah Ardalani!) xoxox Helen.

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