I Lost my father to Dementia on June 9th, 2020.

My family originally came from Wallachia in Europe

My Father suffers from Dementia. I don’t know how much longer we will have him. He has been a guiding light in darkness his entire life. Having raised 7 kids and putting each through college, he also fed and clothed and housed several uncles and my now deceased grandma and grandpa. He served in the United States Military in the Army and was active in the Czech heritage society and helped build the Czech heritage museum in La Grange. I owe him so much. Dementia is cruel. It takes dignity and recognition away. It leaves fear and anguish. My father fights everyday. Every day my brothers monitor and attend to him 24hrs a day. Cleaning, baths, feeding, walking several times a day. Walking is critical for sufferers of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  I wanted you to meet my father. He would have treated you as his own child should you have walked through the door with me. I Love him with all my heart. I hope I will make him proud.

My father died on June 8th, 2020. He was my best friend. I will miss him more than I can ever let you know.

Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center

Dementia is not well understood. We are just starting to understand that many factors and types of Dementia exist. Potential treatments will likewise be varied and customized to the individual. If you have Dementia in your family PLAN NOW!
Dementia is exceptionally cruel and treatments over time are expensive
Diagnosis of Dementia is increasing each year!



The incidence of dementia increased by 117% between 1990 and 2016, according to the study findings. The results showed that globally, the number of prevalent dementia cases increased from 20.2 million in 1990 to 43.8 million in 2016 between 1990 and 2016

Every year, there are nearly 10 million new cases. … The total number of people with dementia is projected to reach 82 million in 2030 and 152 in 2050. Much of this increase is attributable to the rising numbers of people with dementia living in low- and middle-income countries.

A fire is spreading in our society and we have no way to put out this fire. Our time is running out. We must change society completely to deal with the problem of Dementia and Dementia related illnesses. Our society is becoming more poisonous and causing more genetic damage.

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