CrossHelmet X1

CrossHelmet X1 – Transform your riding experience Riding beyond with the original CrossHelmet X1: a new generation of smart helmet with HUD ✓ 360° view ✓ sound control ✓ bluetooth for group talk

With the only dual-monitor HUD system in the
market, the CrossHelmet’s bifocal display projects
a crisp and clear image in even the worst lighting
conditions. Essential riding information such as
route directions, weather, and time is customizable
and overlaid for easy access, so you can keep your
smartphone in your pocket and your eyes on the

Experience total spatial awareness with
the CrossHelmet’s wide-angle rear camera,
completely eliminating blindspots. Projected
onto the HUD, the CrossHelmet empowers riders
with 360° vision in a glance. Essential information
such as route directions, weather, and time
is customizable and overlaid for easy access.

Our number one priority. Rear visibility is spatial awareness and
accident prevention. LEDs mounted on both sides of the helmet
increase visibility while riding at night. Using state-of-the-art
battery technology, our Lithium-Ceramic Batteries (LCB)
are completely risk free from leakage, smoke, fire, or explosions
after physical impact, puncture or thermal damage.

Within the CrossHelmet’s left earpiece, we’ve integrated a discrete touch panel for safe and intuitive controls while on the go. Swipe and tap to quickly pick up calls, control your music and volume, or activate your smart assistant (Siri, Google).

Smart helmets have had a rough go on starting up in this critical rider awareness and safety space.  This is Crosshelmet and they seem to be going for the product leader in this segment.  Let's check this out!  excited!!

Check out the review by ChaseOnTwoWheels!


Model name
X1 – Cross One
USB type-C
Safety certifications
HUD resolution
0.23 nHD+ resolution (3281 ppi)
Shell material
LEXAN Polycarbonate + ABS
Camera angle
170 degrees
LED safety light
Main processor
Quad ARM Cortex A53, 1.2 GHz
Operational time
4-6 hours
Flash storage
Medium (58-60cm), Large (61-63cm)
Mobile application
iOS, Android
Luster Black
Wireless Communication
Visor tint
Clear, Tinted, Photochromic
Location service

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