Nori Rose Hubert “Hooves, Horns and Roses” is a collection of eight fantasy erotica stories [OUT NOW]

Wonderland of the Americas (San Antonio, Texas) : NOT Just Another Dead Mall!

Miss Monique @ Bali, Indonesia 2024 [Melodic Techno/ Progressive House DJ Mix]

excerpts from Hooves, Horns and Roses

Steven Canham
– Hooves, Horns & Roses (Official Visualizer)

Write well. Start writing now. | Adam Benn | TEDxVitoriaGasteiz TEDx Talks In today’s world, communication is everything. It is important to remember that while the spoken word perishes, the written word remains, so writing skills are vital to one’ success. But, how to do it well? And, most importantly, where to start? Adam Benn gives us clues to good writing. Teacher, content creator, editor and YouTuber with more than 3 million followers on his two channels. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Bat City Scaregrounds Austin TX Interested in working at Bat City?
       – Booking and performance contact: [email protected]
       – Sponsorship inquiries: info@batcityscaregrounds

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face
“When you hear the music, you make a dip
Into someone else’s pocket then make a slip
Steal a car, go to Las Vegas
Ooh, gigolo pool
Hanging out by the state line
Turning holy water into wine
Drinkin’ it down, oh
I’m on a bus, on a psychedelic trip
Reading murder books, tryin’ to stay hip
I’m thinkin’ of you, you’re out there so…”


The Donkey Lady Bridge – Local Urban Legend *evp and spirit box session*

[Ghost Notes]: Pioneering Spirits of Texas Music

“Ghost notes” is a musical term for sounds barely audible, a wisp lingering around the beat, yet somehow driving the groove. The Texas musicians profiled here, ranging from 1920s gospel performers to the first psychedelic band, are generally not well known, but the impact of their early contributions on popular music is unmistakable. This beautiful Tim Kerr-illustrated collection provides more background on the Texas from which these artists sprang, fully formed. 

Michael Corcoran’s deep dive into Texas music, and Tim Kerr’s gorgeous book design fires on all cylinders. – Trinity

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