Project 77 is a fantastic art book that provides a glimpse into a massive universe

In just a few short years, ArtStation has grown to become a virtual home to hundreds of thousands of artists in Creative and Media & Entertainment industries. We’re delighted to officially kick off ArtStation Media, the all new publishing division that will bring high quality ArtStation produced art books in collaboration with artists in the community. ArtStation Media’s first edition, Martin Deschambault’s Project 77, is now available for order online, just in time for the holiday season.

About the Book

Project 77 is Martin Deschambault’s passion project that began in 2011 when he decided to try to follow his childhood dreams and started creating an enthralling sci-fi Space Opera universe.

“The dystopian sci-fi universe of Project 77 is finally unveiled. Having developed the ideas since childhood, Martin Deschambault, one of the principal artists from Ubisoft’s Assasin’s Creed, has created a mind-blowing world brought to life by a collection of captivating short stories by Jeffrey Campbell. Discover all there is to know on the history and process of the project and explore the intricacy of his technique and design. Deschambault takes you step by step in his in-depth tutorials, guiding you through the details of process for several of his illustrations in the book.”

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