YAMAHA MOTOROiD w/ AMCES (Active Mass Center Control System)

YAMAHA “MOTOROiD, stand up!” As if waking from a slumber to respond to the call, the machine’s chassis gyrates and slowly brings itself up off its sidestand to stand upright on its own. With a beckoning gesture or call from the rider, MOTOROiD moves forward, and sometimes rotates its chassis to snake left and right as if engaged in a…

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DNA OF THE “WORLD’S FIRST” THE DRIVING FORCE IN EBIKES FOR OVER 2 DECADES Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle (PAS) in 1993. Since then we have been constantly innovating to deliver the most easy-to-use power assist systems. Just one ride and you’ll understand. With 6 different models, Yamaha has you covered!!! your wallet AND your riding…

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New Yamaha NIKEN – Ride the Revolution – Yamaha Motorsports

New Yamaha NIKEN. Ride the Revolution. This large-displacement Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW) is powered by a liquid-cooled in-line 3-cylinder engine. This model is equipped with LMW technology to reduce the effects of changing ride environments and to deliver a high feeling of stability when cornering. It achieves excellent performance for spirited and sporty riding on various road surfaces and the capability…

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