YAMAHA MOTOROiD w/ AMCES (Active Mass Center Control System)

YAMAHA “MOTOROiD, stand up!” As if waking from a slumber to respond to the call, the machine’s chassis gyrates and slowly brings itself up off its sidestand to stand upright on its own. With a beckoning gesture or call from the rider, MOTOROiD moves forward, and sometimes rotates its chassis to snake left and right as if engaged in a…

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The Furrion Elysium RV has a hot tub and a retractable helipad

Furrion – Reinventing luxury living – Furrion https://www.furrion.com/ A wide range of modern and stylish cooktops, entertainment systems, speakers, LED TVs and power cables and connectors for home, RVs and yachts. The luxury finishes of the RV are primarily found on the camper’s roof, where a hot tub, lounge area and a two-passenger helicopter – the Robinson R22 helicopter –…

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BMW Motorrad Deutschland Concepts

BMW Motorrad Deutschland Concepts Low-slung and as technically advanced as a Tron light cycle, the BMW Titan motorcycle concept is Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem‘s futuristic BMW-powered land speed record bike, suitable for runs on the Bonneville salt flats of Utah. At the rear, Erdem has innovated with the enclosure of the driveshaft inside the left side of the rear suspension…

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