Stealth F-37 Price at AF1 racing Austin: $8,550.00 as of 02/25/2021 Deploy The F-37 When your trail riding needs elevating to the next level, the F-37 is your weapon of choice. Commonly referred to as the B-52’s baby brother, the F-37 has the pace and agility to carve it up like no other. Offering Stealth’s renowned hybrid-electric drivetrain combined with…

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Velocifero Beach MAD e-moto unveiled

The Beach MAD e-moto is adequately powerful, rocking a 2kW continuous motor and hitting a top speed of just 60 km/h (37 mph). That puts it in 50cc performance territory. As anyone who has ever ridden a 50cc bike before knows, they can still be a lot of fun in the right environment. And perhaps even more so with…

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DNA OF THE “WORLD’S FIRST” THE DRIVING FORCE IN EBIKES FOR OVER 2 DECADES Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle (PAS) in 1993. Since then we have been constantly innovating to deliver the most easy-to-use power assist systems. Just one ride and you’ll understand. With 6 different models, Yamaha has you covered!!! your wallet AND your riding…

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