Burning Flipside TX : May 26–30, 2022: Apache Pass River Theatre

Burning Flipside will be held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 26–30, 2022, near the campgrounds of Apache Pass River Theatre, on the private grounds north of the San Gabriel River, just outside the town of San Gabriel, TX. BURNING FLIPSIDE SURVIVAL GUIDE

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Ticket Requests Open / Make art happen! posted Feb 15th, 2022

Ticket Requests Open / Make art happen!

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Flipside Ticket Request is open right meow!

Rejoice, for the prophecy has come true! On the 14th of February in this year of our lord 2022, the ticket request window opened itself to the masses for all your requesting needs.

The point is if you want to come to Burning Flipside 2022 you need to create your request and get everything postmarked by February 28th for a shot at tickets.

Did you forget how it works? We got you, fam. The A, B, C’s of it all can be found at: www.burningflipside.com/event/tickets

Give a little, for art’s sake.

While registering for your tickets you’ll see a checkable little box. That little box will be by some words. Those words will be “Ignition Philter” and, well, this will be your chance to be awesome.

Click that box to add a few shekels to your ticket request and help add a whole helluva lot of awesomeness to the burn for everyone else. Ignition Philter provides grants to people who make art so they can drag that art out to the middle of a pecan grove for all of our entertainment and the only thing separating you from being part of that is a tiny box.

Show that box who’s boss. You got this.

That’s all for now. Get those requests requested and stay tuned for more info on this bat-channel.

We’re gonna do the thing!

The Burning Flipside 2022 team

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Flipside 2012 (in two and a half minutes)

“There is no real way to describe a burn or capture its essence if you’ve never been to one. I took a lot of short clips while we were there in an effort to give you a taste, and for those of you that went to smile and go, “Oh yeah! I remember that!” There aren’t a lot of people in this video because it’s not cool to film people at a burn without their consent and mostly I was too lazy to ask.”

(All the people in this video that you can see clearly have given their consent to appear in it.) All footage in this video is considered property of Austin Artistic Reconstruction, L.L.C. http://www.burningflipside.com/ Music: “Mad Dogz” by Nishin Verdiano with ak9 https://soundcloud.com/nishinverdiano/nishin-verdiano-with-ak9-mad

remember NO means NO , Only Yes means Yes

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