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Counterfeit EP by Martin L. Gore, available now from #Mutebank on 180g black vinyl. fantastic homage to a great album.

Nosferatu Festival! A festival that honors Count Orlok aka Nosferatu by celebrating all things vampire! 2022 will bring forth from the shadows the second year of our yearly Vampire Film Contest! Taking place March 6 & 7th with both Online and In Person festivities. WEBSITE

Astroworld: A Timeline of the Tragedy: twitterverse accounts of a tragic event in Houston that has so far claimed amazing lives.

Anthony Bourdain feasted on a tower of maple desserts in Quebec in 2013. Rediscover his travels in Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – now as a podcast.

Abandoned America: Matthew Christopher, creator of the Abandoned America : explore one of the many abandoned locations on this site, or use the menu to check out Abandoned America books & social media, find out about workshops and events, join our mailing list, and more!

Very excellent deep tracks, check this mix out!

Billie Eilish performs Sally’s Song (Live) Beautifully done by Billie Eilish from the soundtrack of A Night Mare Before Christmas. Perfomed live.

excellent mix from our friends at Aim To Head Official
Aim To Head Official

Misinformation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

GothicBop: Batwave and Guilty Pleasures

TECH GOTH VOL. 1: Goth, Electro, Synth, EBM, Techno

Odonis Odonis – Trust (USA) https://odonisodonis.bandcamp.com

Pixel Grip – Club Mania (USA) https://pixelgrip.bandcamp.com

Tempers – Escalator (feat. Rem Koolhaas) (USA) https://tempers.bandcamp.com

Automatic – Suicide In Texas (Panther Modern Remix) https://automatic-band.bandcamp.com

The Soft Moon – Wrong (USA) https://thesoftmoon.bandcamp.com

Supernova 1006 – Your Mess (Russia) https://supernova1006.bandcamp.com

VVV [Trippin’you] – Odiar Frontal (Spain) https://whereisvvv.bandcamp.com

La Main Froide – Taxistas (France) https://lamainfroide.bandcamp.com/

S. Product – Bell Tolls (USA) https://sproduct.bandcamp.com

NABTA – Ton corps (France) https://nabta.bandcamp.com

Un Hombre Solo – Aferrado (USA) https://un-hombre-solo.bandcamp.com

Boy Harsher – Run (USA) https://boyharsher.bandcamp.com

Sextile – Current Affair (USA) https://sextile.bandcamp.com

Minuit Machine – Danger (France) https://minuitmachine.bandcamp.com

Rein – Bruises (Sweden) https://reinofficial.bandcamp.com

Rebel Yell – Toxic (Australia) https://rebelyellrebelyell.bandcamp.com

Le Prince Harry – Tears of a White Male (Belgium) https://leprinceharry.bandcamp.com/

Viot – Hallali (France) https://viot.bandcamp.com

Wingtips – Repetitive (USA) https://wingtips.bandcamp.com

Poison Point – Oblivion (France) https://poisonpoint.bandcamp.com

Noj – Descent (Germany) https://noj-noj.bandcamp.com

Silent EM – Virtues Of Our Age (USA) https://silentem.bandcamp.com

Conservatives Are Buying Up the Most Remote Property in the US | VICE (vid) : see this fascinating expose’ on the fanatical transformation of a segment of American culture and politics.

Original illustrations from the book that inspired Edward Scissorhands. from Atlas Obsura

Be friendly… #StreetArt #graffiti by Gnasher.

Top 7 Techniques You MUST MASTER on a Motorcycle

Ducati 4ever!!!

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