Elevated transportation system proposed for Austin

Could Worsening Traffic Congestion Hinder Texas Growth?

Austin TRAFFIC… It really sucks…

Local residents are asking for more creative solutions to fix Austin’s growing traffic problems.

Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea recently called on local leaders to look for answers. Shea says she wants to see an elevated transportation system in Austin.


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Elevated transportation system proposed for downtown Austin (Courtesy: Jared Ficklin)

Other cities across the World also have their own ideas! 


The proposed SkyCycle in London. (Courtesy of Foster + Partners)

A proposed Los Angeles Strategy (above)

A particularly groundbreaking concept for city roads is the Autonomo. Created by design student Charles Rattray, the small Autonomos would be able to drive two abreast in a single lane, utilising sensors to communicate with each other and move in tandem. Devised to reduce congestion, the Autonomo concept isn’t as outlandish as it may first appear.

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Klaus Bürgle: Traffic of the Future

What does it take to solve independent movement and population density? . . 

Traffic: everyone in Central Texas loves to complain about it, and you’re not likely to make it through a day without traffic alerts from news outlets around town. Austin routinely ranks among the most congested cities in the U.S. in the biannual Urban Mobility Report, put together by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re in the market for a new place to live, choose a home base closer to where you work. For every minute of commuting time you live closer to your work place, that is two minutes saved each day, 10 minutes a week, 8.6 hours a year that you aren’t stuck traveling.  Did you know that a person with a one-hour commute has to earn 40 percent more money to be as happy as someone who walks to work?




JerrySanders_CEOskyTran 002SkyTran’s CEO Jerry Sanders and a pod.SkyTran

Imagine if instead of wasting hours in traffic, you could one day fly above it for a price only slightly higher than a subway ride.

That’s the idea behind SkyTran, a self-driving monorail designed to hover 20 feet above roads and travel up to 155 mph. The system would turn a two-hour car commute into a 10-minute trip, SkyTran CEO Jerry Sanders tells Tech Insider.

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