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We marched in OCCUPY WALLSTREET for worker equality 

We took on Bank of America and Wells Fargo to stop their illegal practices and hurrendous abuses. We WON. 

We helped take down a fake State of Texas Franchise page.  We protected Texas Consumers. 

We helped enlist Polaris project and other organizations to stop Sex Trafficking in Texas

We provide resources for employment: especially for artists , musicians and creatives of Texas. 

We stood before the city of Austin, as emergency first responders. We argued and asked for a $20 wage for Austin Lifeguards. We know how valuable they are! We won this wage increase! And now benefits too! Because it’s what is right. We need your help in these fights.

We are some of the pioneers of the #Vanlife movement and #Raisethewage and #FourdayWorkWeek

 We support Ukraine and NATO. We support LGBTQ and human rights. We support the EBM, Industrial and Metal music scene. \m/ (we were integral in throwing Austin‘s only Cyberpunk and Industrial Music Festivals)

We support our armed forces and the great men and women of our nation that keep it strong. 

We FIGHT every single day for human rights and voters rights and expansion of Democracy both here and abroad. All over the world.  It’s worth fighting for!

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We are Space Hippies and travel with baby Yoda. 

We will update you about amazing concerts and moto and art and food and wine events in the Texas Hill Country!  We are going to create new content with YOUR help.  We can’t do this without you.. Give anything at all!. Anything helps.  In return, we invest this money into creators channels that are battling the Putin regime. 

Creators like Artur Rehi and NFKRZ and Pussy Riot. We support them directly with donations.  

We are voting blue in this next election, as should you.

Artstrada Magazine Launch Photoshoot

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