[music review] Love Droids by Redundant Nature [out today on Bandcamp!]

” Cacophonous and eerie. Further down the Spiral. Puppyesque” – Trinity (Artstrada magazine)




  1. involving or producing a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.”the cacophonous sound of destroyed machine souls”

“Redundant Nature has been a one man
electronic-industrial artist from Austin, Tx,
since 2015.
The sound constructs raw, organic, and a
digital hybrid of abstract engineering. Filled
with robotic fusion and inspiration from
old-industrial, electro, trip-hop, orchestral
dark moments, and evolving frequencies that
keep to a certain present times.”

– Redundant Nature (Steve Canham)
(quote above From the artist)

Trinity (interviewer): It’s been a while since we caught up with Steve Canham A.K.A. Redundant Nature. His great prior work, Re:Connected was released September 24, 2021, and the world had been forever changed by Covid and Climate Change. Steve wants to peer into the future and speak to our souls. It’s what he likes to do. To see all of Redundant Nature’s great stuff you must go to:

“THIS IS LOVE DROIDS!!! <3 !!! A new accomplishment from a great creative mind and visionary musician from the Austin wasteland! check it out! ” – Trinity (Artstrada Magazine)

Some Questions we interviewed Redundant Nature about: below [answers will be recorded here tonight]

Steve, I hope this day finds you well. We absolutely LOVE your new music and are excited about what you are bringing to the rarified air and industrial side of music in the Austin underground music scene. Question: What inspired Love Droids?

When you think of Redundant Nature now and when you began, what has changed? if anything about your original vision?

What instruments do you use to get all your great noises and samples and melodies>? Do you have a preference or favorite instrument?

When you look down the road, what do you see for yourself as a musician? What most would you like to realize in your lifetime>?

Once again, we are honored to be a part of your release of LOVE DROIDS!! We hope you tear up the clubs and cars and rip everyone a new one! Love you! -Trinity

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