NamX Hydrogen Utility Vehicle that uses H capsule

The NAMX HUV is the world’s first car powered in part by a patented removable tank system that promises easy access to hydrogen. The main tank is supplemented by a set of six capsules for a total range of up to 800 kilometers. These capsules can be replaced in 30 seconds.

550 Horsepower

155 mph Max Speed / Acceleration 4,3s 0-60 mph*

800 km KM Range

0% CO2 Emission

Terms of sales

World Premiere of NAMX HUV designed in collaboration with Pininfarina at Pininfarina Headquarter in Cambiano. NAMX at the headquarters of Italian design house PININFARINA the prototype of its HUV, the world’s first car partially powered by a patented removable tank system that promises to change the experience paradigm of clean mobility and make hydrogen fuel widely available pininfarinaofficial

Automatic hydrogen capsule dispenser system

A CapX store every 45KM will allow infinite mobility. The charging time is 3min. Hydrogen everywhere and all the time. With zero pollution and zero emissions, our concept will change how people think about mobility and how they get from one point to another.


NamX is a car brand founded by Faouzi ANNAJAH and Thomas de LUSSAC,


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Hydrogen is the future and the future is now!

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