[ Review ] REDUNDANT NATURE (THE LEFTOVERS)with Steven Canham

release date January 31st, 2020

by Artstrada Magazine

Steve Canham approached the crue to warn us of an impending sonic bludgeoning he planned to release upon the earth and of course he had our ear. Both ears in fact.

You may remember ……We had interviewed Steven on his former great project: Nosferatu Gore Noir Edition Soundtrack

We were lucky to survive our review of 3 remixes from Cynical Existence (Sweden), Nemion of Austin Texas Land and Bloody Knives also from the ATX. 2 Instrumentals and Vocal and extended versions were also launched into our face as a followup of his previous work.

From the vault of warnings this was foretold: ” The leftovers ” is the continuation of “the presage”. During the presage which was the end of times. Robotic humans learned to take over. Then it leads into the single for “repaired” which is nature (itself) coming back and rebuilding life from scratch all over again as the robotic humans did not have the supplements over time to fix themselves as they died off. . . .

From the creator: Redundant Nature is an electronic-rock project by Steven Canham. The sound carries raw and digital hybrid elements with fusion of electronic ideas from industrial, electro, and blended together with orchestra inspirations and powerful metal/rock aspects.

Question: Steven, it has been a while since we last checked in with you and you are busy as usual creating awesome new stuff! Tell us a little about this new project. How did you go about creating your collaborations for your remixes?

• Well I originally asked multiple local I industrial musicians in Austin, Tx at first but only two got back that was Bloody Knives and Nemion. The other band Cynical Existence’s Fredrik got back to me as well which I was excited about as well.

Question: If you state one of your biggest influences on this new album what/who would it be?

• The new EP is inspired from a mixture of Sci-Fi movies such as Tron, Alien, and a little bit of Edge of Tomorrow visually and with sound design. Music would be inspired from instrumental work such as Front Line Assembly/The Glitch Mob/Celldweller.

Question: Any Live gigs planned with this new material? Would you bring in any hired guns if you did?

• As of live performances that’s something I was planning on after my second album that will be released in the middle of 2020… Or that’s the plan with finances looking upward after then. I’m totally open for somebody to join along with RN as a live performance. But if this isn’t suitable after middle of this year I will plan on performing as a one band if that seems like the only live result.

our review: in order that we reviewed

Repaired (Cynical Existence remix) – What we call an industrial standard. This is what cynical industrial music and spiritual angst is all about.

System Error – A dark electronic Tron synthline soundtrack. Enjoyable backing music for this entire opera called Redundant Nature.

Shattered Forgiveness – This is our kind of Jam. With an industrial tribal vibe that moves the body. Great EBM. It is a mesmerizing tune with Velvet Acid Christ style influences. Excellent dark tortured and thoughtfully arranged. This song is showing the growth of the musician. It has changeups and orchestrations that are pretty tight! This is music for the robot dungeon!

Repaired (Nemion Version) Great! enjoyed the cyborg post apocalyptic ambience of this post industrial piece.

Euphoria (extended) – Probably one of our favorites! A melancholy gem with industrial roots. This sounds like a much bigger track then many industrial releases. It has depth and beauty. Really enjoyed it.

Repaired (Bloody Knives remix) – As the name implies, this is a much darker remix of “Repaired”. With an influence I would describe as JUNGLE, this song is being taken into another genre all together to be enjoyed again.

Sleep Now – “Sleep Now” Is the final track we reviewed. It is immediately sinister with some great drumming. Love the nod to German techno industrial here. This is also one of our favorite tracks. Angry and complex. This is a great car jam for our weekend night out!

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