7 Awesome Watercraft and Mini Boat

Amazing watercraft from this video: Seabreacher | If you ever dreamed of a powerboat from spy movies that could also become stealthy being half-submerged, then Seabreacher definitely is an option for you. Kormaran K7 | Nowadays watercraft implement various technologies for travelling on water, with each one having its ups and down. However, what if you didn’t have to decide.…

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GIBBS Quadski

HighSpeedAmphibians Home About Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc is the world leader in high speed sports amphibian technology. Headquartered in Michigan, USA; from 2013-2016, we pioneered the production of high speed sports amphibians with the Quadski & Quadski XL. Over 1000 vehicles were produced, and these are now all sold. Quadski production is now finished & there are no new vehicles…

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From our Powersports line comes our latest concept, the all-new Nikola WAV. It’s the first of its kind with “wakeboard” architecture, unique ergonomics combined with groundbreaking technology. Be the first to explore pristine waterways without leaving anything behind. Check out our website to learn more. www.nikolamotor.com Nikola Corp | Wav

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