7 Awesome Watercraft and Mini Boat

Amazing watercraft from this video:

Seabreacher | If you ever dreamed of a powerboat from spy movies that could also become stealthy being half-submerged, then Seabreacher definitely is an option for you.

Kormaran K7 | Nowadays watercraft implement various technologies for travelling on water, with each one having its ups and down. However, what if you didn’t have to decide. The Kormaran is the first in the world transformer boat that can take shape of a Katamaran, a Trimaran or a Hydrofoil.

Hydros HYX | The best way of improving efficiency of overwater movement and reducing the rockiness of the seas is probably the use of hydrofoils. The Switzerland based manufacturer Hydros has developed the HY-X transformer yacht that can operate in a regular boat mode or lift itself over the water by 3.3 feet.

QUADROFOIL Q2S | This all-electric motor boat uses hydrofoil technology to lift itself up creating an effect of flying over water. The watercraft is emission free and due to the electric motor it is almost noise free and creates only smallest waves

Jet Capsule | The Italian company Lazzarini’s Design is behind the UFO-looking yacht named Jet Capsule that could serve two purposes of a water taxi and a comfortable recreational watercraft.

Iguana 29 | Amphibious Boat Have you ever seen a boat slowly driving on the beach mounted on a pair of tracks? Chances are you have seen one of the amphibious water vessel from the French Company Iguana yachts.

EVO 43 | When you look at Evo ans its price tag you get totally confused, how can this ordinary luxury yach be that expensive. However, this is no ordinary watercraft it is a transformer.

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