Voxan and Max Biaggi take aim at the electric motorcycle land speed record

With The VOXAN Brand, Gildo PASTOR, President Of VENTURI Automobiles, Is Looking To Set A New World Record For An Electric Vehicle. This Is A New Challenge For The Electromobility Pioneer, Which Is Aiming To Break The Current Speed Record In The “Electric Motorcycles Propelled By The Action Of One Wheel In Contact With The Ground, Partially Streamlined, Under 300 Kg” Category. Designed And Built In Monaco, The VOXAN WATTMAN Will Attempt To Revolutionise The World Of Electric Motorcycles By Breaking Through The 330 Km/H Mark, In Bolivia In The Summer Of 2020. Riding This Exceptional Machine Will Be Six-Time Motorcycle Racing World Champion Max BIAGGI.



If the bid is successful, this electric motorcycle speed record will be added to an impressive list of achievements stretching back to 2009, as part of the VENTURI Global Challenges*:
– 2010 to 2017: land speed records with the VENTURI BUCKEYE BULLET – 549 km/h (record as yet unbroken).
– 2010: longest distance covered by an electric vehicle without assistance – 14,900 km.
– 2012: first ever crossing of south-east Africa without assistance – 5,800 km.
– 2018: Antarctica, the first electric polar exploration vehicle capable of operating in temperatures as low as -50°C.
* The VENTURI Global Challenges are a series of technological challenges aimed at demonstrating the reliability and efficiency of electric vehicles in extreme conditions.

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