Kasita | Tiny Smart Home

Kasita | Blank Canvas for Your Life

The Ultimate User Experience

Kasita has outsized functionality in an undersized footprint. From ceiling to floor, every last cubic inch is designed to maximize the home dweller’s experience. The result: an exceptional small home that contains everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Smartest Home

Your Kasita comes seamlessly integrated with the latest smart home tech. From the lights to the built-in speakers, the overhead fan to the thermostat, your Kasita’s devices are ready to work together to enhance your life.

Housing for All

With its compact footprint and all-in-one delivery, the Kasita goes where other homes can’t, whether that’s an urban backyard, a rooftop, or the rural retreat you’ve been dreaming about. There’s never been a solution so flexible, so fast, and so beautifully designed.

Kasita Inc 5910 Techni Center Dr, Austin, TX 78721 (512) 580-4340 


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